Photo by Luke Chesser When I built this site, it was with the best intentions to: blog regularly, run my business, follow-up on prospective leads, and generally create a lily pad to land on for a new UX/UI designer, developer, programmer, and blossoming nerd.

I'm not saying this hasn't happened, but there have been a few hiccups along the way. Namely, the as-yet unidentified illness of my partner that catapulted me from a voraciously-learning, spend-all-day-reading, code-happy newbie to a caregiver to my partner and parent of two teenagers (who are awesome, and also teenagers).

So while I am posting less frequently and without consistency, it is not for lack of knowledge or things to share. It's really about time. And also trying to move away from wordpress (no offense!) and onto a platform where I can blog in Markdown, my new favorite text language.

With me, I am truly a WYSIWYG person. Who I am online is who I am in real life. Quirky, kooky, zany, and also introspective, adoring, and keen to learn. So while I might not be able to post here quite as often as I would like, I would still love to interact with you. Right now, because of it's immediacy and ease, Twitter is the best place to connect. Shoot me a mention and let's have a conversation.