I found it in a bag of giveaways on the curb. Shoved in with a collection of other fabrics, I almost didn't notice it. But after digging through the sack, and pulling out dozens of scarves that wouldn't suit me, there it was. It was yellow.

I've never been a person who wears yellow. It seemed too bright, too flashy. Also, it takes a special skin tone to wear, and I have never had that tone. At least, so I thought. But this goldenrod scarf with the bright red sanskrit begged to be worn.

And so I chose it. I started wearing it daily. With anything and everything.

It's not about the scarf, or even that the scarf is yellow. It's not about the sanskrit written in saffron thread. It's not even that it is the perfect size for snuggling into on a chilly Autumn evening.

The thing I learned from this scarf, and remember each time I stuff it into a bag or wrap it across my shoulders, is that I dared. I dared to try something I hadn't before, dared to wear a new color, dared to risk looking terrible, because I could. I realized it was ridiculous for me to not wear a perfectly fabulous scarf just because it was yellow.

So here we go. Trying new things and risking laughter, absurdity, failure. It starts with a yellow scarf, but who knows where it will lead. What I do know is that I can't hold myself hostage based on the color of the fabric, or the color of the sky, or the color of the paper in my journal. What I know is that trees change color, and so does the ocean, and so can the heart, from cold and gray to red and pulsing with life.

Today, my heart turned a rich, golden hue etched with the red of a thousand veins. And it was bliss.

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