You Know What to Do

Ever since I participated in the Mondo Beyondo class, I have kept around these affirmations {created by Jen Lemen} on my desk and in my various notebooks as a reminder to my heart. Lately, as I have been adventuring into scary and challenging areas of my being, I have been relying on these affirmations much more than before. Today, this is the one I am holding close.

I know what to do.

I've been trying to avoid a lot of personal work lately, as I am focusing on getting things prepared for my next online writing workshop, and the beta launch of Bearing Witness on the first of the year, and so I use these as excuses. Literally. There is no need for me to avoid the personal work to get the business done. In fact, it's actually hurting my business work to not do the personal work. So I'm trusting myself more every day, finding tools to strengthen my heart and my spirit to face the tough stories. I'm scheduling time for my personal work, just as I schedule time for my business.

And part of this personal work, is a declaration of intention:

I am whole and valuable being. What I say and do in this world matters greatly. I have all the answers I need in my own heart. I know how to find the resources I seek. I am not a quitter, I take care of my spirit, I am deeply wise. I am creature of love and light.

What are your intentions today, as we wind down 2011 and move gracefully, gratefully, into 2012?