Thoughts on Writing, Authenticity, and More

Speaking with groups of people is one of my passions. I love to come together, share my knowledge, and have a conversation about things that truly matter: writing, personal storytelling, creativity, identity, and authenticity. When we show up with open hearts and minds, incredible things can happen.

I've been honored to speak in a diversity of settings, from a Unitarian Universalist fellowship to a tech conference focused on the Ruby programming language. Whatever the setting, I'm invested in showing up, honoring the time and knowledge of attendees, and creating meaningful change through our experience.

Topics that light my fire:

  • Writing; including creative nonfiction, poetry, authentic voice and expression, personal narrative, and storytelling
  • Identity; including queer and feminist identities, growing up poor but still privileged, body politics, kink/sexuality, and discovering our sacred selves.
  • Ritual; including the significance and creation of personal rituals, elements of intuitive ritual design, honoring the sacred mundane, and holding space in group rituals.
  • Meaningful creative conversations; including how to hold space for others to be vulnerable, welcoming diverse opinions, cultivating containers for others to share, and translating personal conversations to a wider platform (specifically podcasting).

Interested in having me participate in your conference, workshop, or group event? 

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