You get prepared for landings.
You get prepared for the moment someplace enters you.

~ Eve Ensler

topography of self
(n) the way places infuse, inspire, and invade our writing life

The places we go, the landscapes we discover, change and alter us. Our journey to new territories inspires us, and these locations leave traces of their being in our hearts. Exploring the impact these places have on our souls and psyches gives us new insight into our experiences and fodder for our writing. It changes the way we talk about place. Our place.

Topography of Self is two-week investigation into the way place appears in our writing. It is a road map to the places we have lived, breathed, dreamed, and suffered. On this journey, we are not so interested in the minutiae of details from a family vacation or a college dorm. It is the essence of a place that the workshop seeks to capture. Perhaps it is the memory of one morning in the mountains, the sticky-sweet heat of a Louisiana summer. It might be the way that lightning bugs bounce through the trees at your family cabin. Designed to infuse your work with sensation by pushing you deep into your own sense memory, this course will inspire, enlighten, and enliven your work. 

Course details

September 12-23, 2016.
Emails are sent each weekday Monday through Friday.
Participants are encouraged to share their work using the hashtag #topogofself and are welcome to join the Facebook Group to share their writing and community.
Cost is $45 USD

I signed up for a workshop with Sara. It was seven weeks of inspiration, inquiry, and intuitive brilliance.
She had me scratching at scabs I didn’t know existed, ones that were filled with oozing pus,
and underneath I found a raw beauty I didn’t know was possible.