As a writer, you want to share your core message.
As an editor, I want to share your message with the world.


I'll ask the hard questions 
and turn your stories
inside-out, upside-down
to uncover the truth
in every word.


I'll ask you why you're
not sharing the truth
you hold dear, and 
push you further when
you are writing in alignment.


I'll ask how we can trust
the process together,
deepening into the journey
and moving with flow 
through your writing.

"Sara's work is known for building a strong community that
values wisdom, shares knowledge, and honors the sacred in every moment
through honest conversation, intentional collaboration, and
the act of claiming our space as storytellers, wild women, and holders of the light."

Focused, Intensive Writing Adventures

It seems like online writing classes come in two forms: one with hundreds of students scattered across the globe and very little interaction with one another or the instructor; or one with all writing prompts and reasons you should be writing, and a workshop setting that feels invasive, like an inquisition. My workshops are neither.

I signed up for a workshop with Sara.
It was seven weeks of inspiration, inquiry, and intuitive brilliance.
She had me scratching at scabs I didn’t know existed, ones that were filled with oozing pus,
and underneath I found a raw beauty I didn’t know was possible.

Travelling the Deep begins 31 October!

A seven week writing adventure to the very center of your storytelling self, Travelling the Deep is a journey to mirror the Dark Time -- the space of the year between Samhain (Halloween) and Yule (Winter Solstice). From our place here in this realm we will travel below the skin, sinking our teeth into the meaty flesh of a writing project. Using a model of concentric rings, the process takes us through recognizing the next big project, finding our personal rhythm in writing, taking time to rest and practice self-care, and deeper until we reach the very essence -- the heartbeat -- of the words that flow through us. 

Registration is now open! Early bird pricing is available until 30 September 2016 and will include a printed, coil-bound workbook featuring all of the assignments and worksheets for the class in a portable format for taking your writing offline and into the world. Sliding scale and installment plans are available. Please see the course page for all the details! 

Coming soon!

I'm opening a cross-genre, small-group writing course complete with workshopping. Instead of using a standard critique model for the workshop, I'm committed to safe creative spaces -- which means no sitting back while others shred your writing. We will share honest feedback about themes, metaphors, meaning, and what sticks with us when the writing is over. Unlike the "Name three things that don't work for you" model of workshopping, this is about giving you feedback from writers: as readers and as classmates.

In addition to group workshopping, participants will receive a one-on-one writing jam session with me, where we talk about your work, goals for your writing, and more. This is the same jam session my coaching clients receive, so it is tailored specifically for you. We go deep into the work and find new ways to share your stories with the world.

The hardest part is writing the words.
The next hardest part is reading them again.

Sitting down to edit a manuscript is more than searching for spelling and grammar errors. It's not something that can be done by a machine, or at breakneck speed. On the surface, even simple copyediting requires a fine hand, a knowledge of the author's voice, and a desire to preserve the integrity of the piece -- which sometimes means breaking conventional rules to make amazing art.

"Sara won’t simply copyedit your work. She will internalize the story, making suggestions that will both surprise and delight you. If you have the opportunity to work with Sara, take it!
I’m so grateful for her work on my memoir."

~ Evelyn Lauer

Working together as author and editor is a relationship: bringing forth your message with clarity and conscious intention. My focus, my work, is to uncover the truths you are sharing and make them shine. I cannot tell your story for you. I can, though, ask you hard questions, reflect back your personal wisdom, and show you when you know exactly what you want to say and aren't saying it -- yet.

Not every editor fits with an author. Before we commit to a working relationship, there is a period of courtship. I'll read through and edit a small sample of your work, and we'll sit down for conversation about writing, feedback, and the process of developing your work. I want to know what you're seeking in an editor, and how I can best support you on this journey. If we fit together, and the process feels aligned for us both, we'll get down and dirty in your writing as soon as you are ready.


The process, from idea to publication, can be daunting.
Let's do it together.

Having an idea for a project is such a moment of elation. There is pure joy in realizing your next big adventure ... And then reality hits. Thoughts like How will I manage this huge project? and Who am I to think I can write this -- and that anyone will read it? fill your head and completely talk you out of ever beginning.

If this cycle sounds familiar to you, I'm not surprised. These are some of the exact thoughts that run through my mind each time I begin a new writing project. In fact, just writing the content for this website, I faced my self-doubt a hundred times. Probably more. That's where having a coach makes a world of difference.

For me, being a writing coach is about showing up to you, day after day. It means we work together closely: I hold you accountable for setting and meeting your goals, and we discuss the work you're doing, the work you're not doing, and if those match your heart. Is your project headed in a direction you couldn't anticipate, and you're not sure if it's the right way to go? We have a jam session: you spill out your thoughts, and I reflect back to you when you lit up -- and when you shut down -- about the work.

Whether you are just starting a new writing project, picking up an old idea you set aside, or feeling stuck in your current passionate work, we can find a way through. 


All coaching clients receive the following as part of our work together:

  • An initial 60-minute Skype call to talk through your project, goals and aspirations, and accountability measures designed specifically for you. 
  • An mp3 recording of our call, and a pdf with my notes, a timeline for the project, and our agreed-upon accountability measures.
  • Weekly accountability emails from me, with an emphasis not on what you haven't completed but what got done, what you learned, and how we can make adjustments to keep you achieving your goals (or modifying them).
  • Weekly editing feedback on the piece you're currently working on, the same level of deep examination and process my manuscript clients receive.
  • Upon completion of our time together (typically after three months), we will hold a wrap-up jam session on Skype, reviewing what worked, what could have been better, and the next steps for your project. You'll also receive a recording and my notes from this call.

Coaching services begin at $250 per month with a base commitment of three months. A recommended timeline for working together will be created after our initial conversation. Additional à la carte services are available to coaching clients during and after our initial session. These include additional Skype calls, tarot readings around your work, research into publication opportunities, and more. A complete list will be made available to established clients. Please contact me for more information. 

Let's Get Acquainted!

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Thoughts on Writing, Authenticity, and More

Speaking with groups of people is one of my passions. I love to come together, share my knowledge, and have a conversation about things that truly matter: writing, personal storytelling, creativity, identity, and authenticity. When we show up with open hearts and minds, incredible things can happen.

I've been honored to speak in a diversity of settings, from a Unitarian Universalist fellowship to a tech conference focused on the Ruby programming language. Whatever the setting, I'm invested in showing up, honoring the time and knowledge of attendees, and creating meaningful change through our experience.

Topics that light my fire:

  • Writing; including creative nonfiction, poetry, authentic voice and expression, personal narrative, and storytelling
  • Identity; including queer and feminist identities, growing up poor but still privileged, body politics, kink/sexuality, and discovering our sacred selves.
  • Ritual; including the significance and creation of personal rituals, elements of intuitive ritual design, honoring the sacred mundane, and holding space in group rituals.
  • Meaningful creative conversations; including how to hold space for others to be vulnerable, welcoming diverse opinions, cultivating containers for others to share, and translating personal conversations to a wider platform (specifically podcasting).

Interested in having me participate in your conference, workshop, or group event? 

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Intuitive, Personal Rituals for Life's Every Moment

I began reading the tarot in the basement of a Lutheran church. My first deck was a gift (from my first boyfriend), and I carried it with me always, seeking inspiration for writing and answers to daily questions. Soon after, I began writing small rituals (around creativity and protection -- and the occasional love spell) and experiencing positive results. I didn't know if I was practicing witchcraft or just really lucky, but it didn't matter.

what matters is that it works

"Magic is the art of actively using the powers of the soul." Rev Donald Lewis-Highcorrell offers this definition of magic, and it is one that closely resembles my own. Magik is the art of creating consciousness at will. In this way, personal and intuitive rituals are a tool for creating your own world and experience. Honoring what is happening in your life, acknowledging things that are beyond your control, and recognizing your responses and reactions to them -- this is what personal ritual embodies. 

We all develop habits, rituals: brushing our teeth between breakfast and leaving for work, meditating on our lunch break, lighting a candle before sitting down to write. These rituals guide our intention and our focus to a specific place: this moment. As an intuitive ritualist, I am interested in the organic unfolding of what feels natural and authentic for you and your experience. You may be honoring a significant milestone -- a birth, a death, a new job or home -- or simply wish to bring a little more intention into your daily life. 

Using practices and training from over 15 years of ritual creation, we will sit down and co-create a personal ritual or practice that honors your natural rhythms, integrates your personal beliefs, and feeds your blessed soul. Through this work, you will discover elements and practices that will change your life.

You need not be a particular faith or religion to create personal rituals. Ritual is, in fact, simply a practice of doing things with intention in a certain order. Rituals are used in faith traditions around the world. Creating a personal ritual is much like creating a family tradition -- it is done with intention, and with reverence. But it need not be a solemn or doleful affair. Some of my favorite rituals have included a snowball fight with balled-up paper featuring wishes for the new year, bouncing a giant beach ball on a web woven of various yarn and string, and dancing under the Northern Lights to the drum of thunder in the distance.

Ritual is designed to create our world, to focus our energy on drawing in the things we desire or need, and releasing fear and doubt -- while honoring the value they have in showing us pieces of our heart. Maybe you want to release a habit that is no longer serving you, or bring a change in occupation or housing. Perhaps you are seeking a little extra guidance to structure your days. Whatever the desire behind your interest in developing personal rituals, we will sit together and go deep -- walking in alignment and discovering the ways to manifest your intention.

Interested in taking the next step, or learning more about intuitive rituals? 

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I am also offering limited tarot readings: one-card, three-card, path to a goal, and twelve month spreads. Learn more about these and purchase here.