Focused, Intensive Writing Adventures

It seems like online writing classes come in two forms: one with hundreds of students scattered across the globe and very little interaction with one another or the instructor; or one with all writing prompts and reasons you should be writing, and a workshop setting that feels invasive, like an inquisition. My workshops are neither.

I signed up for a workshop with Sara.
It was seven weeks of inspiration, inquiry, and intuitive brilliance.
She had me scratching at scabs I didn’t know existed, ones that were filled with oozing pus,
and underneath I found a raw beauty I didn’t know was possible.

Travelling the Deep begins 31 October!

A seven week writing adventure to the very center of your storytelling self, Travelling the Deep is a journey to mirror the Dark Time -- the space of the year between Samhain (Halloween) and Yule (Winter Solstice). From our place here in this realm we will travel below the skin, sinking our teeth into the meaty flesh of a writing project. Using a model of concentric rings, the process takes us through recognizing the next big project, finding our personal rhythm in writing, taking time to rest and practice self-care, and deeper until we reach the very essence -- the heartbeat -- of the words that flow through us. 

Registration is now open! Early bird pricing is available until 30 September 2016 and will include a printed, coil-bound workbook featuring all of the assignments and worksheets for the class in a portable format for taking your writing offline and into the world. Sliding scale and installment plans are available. Please see the course page for all the details! 

Coming soon!

I'm opening a cross-genre, small-group writing course complete with workshopping. Instead of using a standard critique model for the workshop, I'm committed to safe creative spaces -- which means no sitting back while others shred your writing. We will share honest feedback about themes, metaphors, meaning, and what sticks with us when the writing is over. Unlike the "Name three things that don't work for you" model of workshopping, this is about giving you feedback from writers: as readers and as classmates.

In addition to group workshopping, participants will receive a one-on-one writing jam session with me, where we talk about your work, goals for your writing, and more. This is the same jam session my coaching clients receive, so it is tailored specifically for you. We go deep into the work and find new ways to share your stories with the world.